The Directors and Chairs of the clubs plan to apply for planning permission for a small mixed residential development on the strip of our land adjacent to Lucas Lane. The income generated will provide funds for an artificial pitch and a replacement clubhouse at Lucas Lane. The clubs do not have benefactors and all areas of alternative funding have been explored.
Continued use by lacrosse and youth football will also be safeguarded. The improved clubhouse will be available for hire by the local community.
We want to emphasise that the proposal is designed to generate funding only. No individual will benefit other than through the improved facilities and knowledge that the playing legacy has been secured. The clubs have costed the development and the ongoing running of the improved facilities and consider them viable.
Project objectives
  • New all weather astroturf pitch to EHB standard
  • Improved changing facilities to ECB and EHB standard
  • Improved club facilities
  • Provision for the continuation of football and lacrosse at Lucas Lane
Schematic of New Pavilion
How we're proposing to achieve this
  • Rebuild the clubhouse facility
  • Install a new astro pitch
  • An enabling development that sells the portion of land next to Lucas Lane to develop 27 family homes
  • Repositioning the football pitches on cricket outfield
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